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24-11-2020 12:40:41

Satta King Desawar Results
अब बनिए मालामाल दिसावर के लीक रिजल्ट के जरिये। रोज रोज सट्टे में हारने है की एक बार में सट्टे की लीक जोड़ी लेके मालामाल हो जाओ. अपना लोस्स आज ही पूरा रिकवर करे 100 % पास जोड़ी के साथ गारन्टी पहले आये पहले पाए

Baba Musa

Daily Desawar Satta And Gali Results
गली दिसावर फरीदाबाद जैसे सट्टा गेम में कोई भी फालतू नंबर लगा के नुकसान मत करो. गली दिशावर का लीक सट्टा नंबर डायरेक्ट कंपनी से पास पूरी गारंटी के साथ हमसे लें और मुनाफा कमाए। सट्टा रिजल्ट जोड़ी का नंबर ले १०१% गारंटी वाली और मुनाफा कमाइए.

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Satta King Result Chart 2020 Gali Disawar Ghaziabad Faridabad Results Table



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What is Satta King?

Satta king is a type of lottery game. Satta King desawar started with betting on the initial and final cotton prices sent from the New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay Cotton Exchange. The New York Cotton Exchange banned it in 1961. Ratan Khatri then devised a new method of betting the initial and final prices of hypothetical products. But, many times, they also have to face defeat. The betting may not have got legal status in India, but the game is played very secretly. Some cases come when the people who are ruling the bookies or cricket matches get entrusted to the police and the investigating agency, satta king is played secretly in India. The spread of the internet has made betting roots profound and straightforward. You can easily see the result of the satta king on our website.

How to play Satta King Game?

Playing Satta King online is easy to play because Satta King is an illegal game, and it is difficult to catch the betting players on the internet, so this game has become so risk-free nowadays. It is difficult to arrest betting players on the internet. Satta King is an illegal game if you still want to play this game, So you will find many websites on the internet and mobile applications on play store and app store, in which you can put money and play Satta King online. Nowadays, all betting games are playing online, and you can also play Satta King online on your smartphone or PC. The Satta King game can be played online or offline, but playing online is safer. You can go to any Satta King website or apps to play online and create your account and submit your numbers. You can also pay the money online quickly, in which you will have different ways of online payment. After that, the money will be received in your account, which you can put in your bank. To play offline, you will have to contact and meet the staff of this game. These workers are called Khaiwal in the language of speculation. Going near it, you will have to give your number and the amount to be charged to Khaiwal, and you can take the receipt from him. He will get your number or amount deposited in the company. If you win, then you will get your won amount only by Khaiwal. Therefore, please check and select reliable Khaiwal.

How to check Satta king Result online?

If you are playing Satta King and want to see the result of Satta King, then you can see the Satta King results on our website for free. You can find many game results on our site. For example, DISAWAR, GALI Satta chart, FARIDABAD, GHAZIABAD, NEW DESAWAR, EVENING GHAZIABAD, DELHI DARBAR, MAHA LAXMI, TAJ, DUBAI DELHI, etc. to check correct result you have to keep checking our website. We update these result every hour according to Game time.

Satta King Result Time Table 2020

Game name Game Time
Disawar ( 05:00 AM )
Gali ( 10:45 PM )
Ghaziyabad ( 08:00 PM )
Faridabad ( 06:15 PM )
KG GOLD ( 03:00 PM )
NEW LUXMI ( 05:30 PM )
ताज (03:20PM)
UP (05:00PM)
न्यू दिल्ली ( 11:00PM )
HINDUSTAN ( 03:50 PM )

Type of Satta King Game

Satta king is the online and offline Game so we can say this game have many types of variations. Satta King has main four types of games like Disawar, Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. All of them are named after the place where the player played in Faridabad eats Faridabad and the one played in Ghaziabad. You can see the record chart of all these games called Disawar, Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad on our Website. but on internet many other games available that you can also play but those game are not permanent.


So that all about the indian sattaking 2020 game. In India, it is illegal to play the Satta king Game, yet its players like to play this game very much, even though they know that it will be a loss more than the benefits, yet they can not stop themselves from putting money in it. This is how we would like you to understand that you play this game at your own risk.

GALI Result Record CHART 2020

DESAWAR Result Record CHART 2020

GAZIYABAD Result Record CHART 2020

FARIDABAD Result Record CHART 2020


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